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From the light, simple, small weight, the form of bottles, powder, tablet until the electronic components or heavy products, the product contains chemicals, bulk conveyor industry ... continuous development, innovation to suit the product to be loaded.

A type of conveyor is widely used

Rubber Conveyor Belt is one of the many types of conveyors used in the factory using many chemicals, with high humidity, or get beat ...

Rubber conveyor consists of three categories:

- Rubber Conveyor Belt EP (Rubber EP100, EP150 Rubber, Rubber EP200)

- Conveyor announced NN

- Conveyor rubber ribbed V


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Rubber conveyor often used to download data such as grain, members angular, high friction, or exposure to chemicals, the weight is relatively large, the large wet, ... as cement , coal, ores, metals, glass chips, ... with flexible structures suitable for all terrain.

Most significantly is ribbed rubber conveyor V: Because it can load it on a high with a slope of about 30 degrees, so V ribbed texture to create a very high friction powder loads, loads of grain, .. up to a certain height, or certain inclination without fear of slipping back data. Also, thanks to the veins which the rotation around the axis going be done easily and increase tensile load of ice.

Features soft, chewy

As announced bearing common type and has many outstanding features

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Rubber Conveyor Design
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Advantages of rubber conveyor belts

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Withstands temperatures (below 1500C), bear a large impact force
  • High humidity resistant, chemical resistant good
  • The proportion of low longitudinal elasticity, flexibility
  • Difficult to separate the effects of class by objective
  • Less aging or folded due to the structure of the bracket
  • Reduced power consumption due to the big stage, light should increase the traction motor
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