Conveyor Systems washer and upload car scrap container includes conveyor category:

+ Rubber conveyor trough.

+ Rubber conveyor incline.

+ Data Systems shook the floor.

+ Rake chain conveyor systems.

When natural materials gradually depleted, the man has to create utilizing the available things saving natural materials just can utilize available materials to reduce costs original and minimize waste to the surrounding environment.


Băng tải kính vụn

For a long time things like rags, sawdust, what baits, bait cane, crushed glass … are considered garbage, discarded things nowadays they are purchasing and exports are quite popular in Asia and other countries around the world.

With these values ​​so that the glass pieces in recent years as one of the items traders buy a lot, most notably corn Xa village. With the increasing demand today, the need to have the support of the mechanical systems can yield enough to meet the demand for domestic and foreign markets. To meet the demand on Conveyor Truong Tho was growing manufacturing conveyors, conveyor chain dedicated to classify glass chips.

Unlike other glass materials have many sharp edges and very, requires workers to be careful in the process of working, so yields will be reduced significantly, in addition to easy hurting workers Direct sorting of glass. With this drawback, it requires one line should be fully utilized without much labor to achieve the highest productivity, and reduced costs for injured workers.

Are collected from many places, so much garbage, and impurities in the glass. So after collecting the glass will be poured into the funnel put up rubber conveyor belts. Funnel is designed for thick steel can contain a maximum amount of glass required, and the weight as well as the impact of the glass edge. Through the glass funnel will be passed on ribbed rubber conveyor belt – to reduce the sliding material, thick rubber conveyor belts to hard severed by sharp edges of kinh.Tai here, the carousel 2 workers will scavenging , and impurities in the glass.

After cleaning the garbage was picked up, impurities glass will be taken to the automatic washing tank 1 again. At the end of the glass tank conveyor chain will scratch glass scraping down the glass tank below.

When goods are received, container trucks to draw cars will draw glass to rubber conveyor trough through the funnel 1, and then be passed directly into the container.